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DJ Bear Huggy Speaker
  Hug your favourite music with a DJ bear speaker. Connect your ipod, iphone, MP3 or Android phone tuck it in DJ bears pouch and listen to your music while he looks after your device! Comes in its own Pink drawstring bag so it's easy to take round to a friends! Easy to follow..
£16.00 £8.00
Glitter Hearts mobile phone case
Glitter Hearts mobile phone case             The cool way to look after your phone. Detachable wrist strap and zip top, big enough to take any phone. Glitter heart pattern in a choice of 4 colours: Ivory; Black; Blue; Fuchsia..
£5.00 £2.50
Mighty Boom Ball
Mighty Boom Ball Vibration Speaker with Rechargeable USB Power Booster.       So what is it? The Mighty Boom Ball is the perfect pocket sized vibration speaker designed to turn pretty much anything in to a massive sound system.   It’s easy to use! Un..
£14.00 £5.00
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