Skin care

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Young & Pure face mitts
Microfibre mitts work really well with the Face Cleanser to enhance deep cleaning particularly of problem areas.     ..
Young & Pure Invigorating face cleanser
Wake up your face and keep your skin clean and fresh with young & pure’s fantastic invigorating face cleanser. The cleanser has no chemicals or toxins in it so it wont sting or make your skin tingle, it'll just leave you feeling fab, fresh and ready to go! It suits all skin types so y..
Young & Pure Luxurious soft Toilet bag
An indulgent luxurious soft toiletry bag with a Fuschia Pink bow, Fastener and lining. The perfect bag for those Girlie sleepover Parties! Dimensions: 17cm x 28cm. ..
Young & Pure Moisturising body lotion
This natural light body moisturiser is easily absorbed into your skin. It conditions with Shea Nut Butter and invigorates your skin with refreshing Bergamot Oil. A pure blend of citrus essential oils gives your skin that all over glow with a beautiful fruity fragrance. Special In..
Young & Pure refreshing body & hair wash
New and Improved Refreshing Body and Hair Wash Suitable for all skin and hair types this gentle natural formulation will leave you refreshed and ready to go. Delicious peppermint will wake you up and aloe vera will leave your skin and hair feeling soft and moisturised. With Citrus accents. Suit..
Young & Pure revitalizing body scrub
The Revitalizing Body Scrub gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it silky smooth. With Rice Bran Oil, and it”s softening skin properties, it will condition and moisturise your skin. Simply apply to wet skin and massage gently, paying special attention to dry areas like elbows and knees. ..
Young & Pure Spot Stop
Suitable for use on spot and acne prone skin conditions. A special blend of essential oils, Tea tree Oil for its’ antifungal and antibacterial properties will help clarify and fight impurities in the skin. The spot stick will help skin to heal. Lavender oil to sooth and calm your skin while your ..
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