Jewellery holders

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Butterfly Jewellery stand
Butterfly jewellery stand. Bring a touch of elegance to any girl’s bedroom with this beautiful Cream butterfly stand. Made from metal and standing approx 38cm tall.   ..
Ibiza Girl jewellery hanger
Ultra cool jewellery hanger The best dressed jewellery stand in the world? possibly!   Dimensions: 43.5cm x 16cm x 8cm ..
Jeans Jewellery stand
Jeans Jewellery stand. The ideal accessory for any girls bedroom dresser. Store all your jewellery on this chic stand Dimensions: 43.5 cm x 16 cm x 8 cm.   ..
silk heart shaped jewellery box
Silk heart shaped jewel box        Beautiful heart shaped jewel box with a mirror in the lid. Dimensions 13cm x 13cm x 5cm.   ..
Zebra print large jewellery box
Zebra print mirrored glass jewellery box. Black fabric lined lid and compartments. Dimensions: 26cm x 16cm x 8cm. ..
Zebra print mirrored jewellery box
Elegant zebra print jewellery box. mirrored glass on 3 sides, 2 mirrored glass drawers with black fabric lining. 15cm x 15cm x 12cm. ..
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